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Lunch Order Forms
Please use our online lunch order forms to order lunch for your student(s). October orders were due 9/25, please visit or call the school office if you would like to place a LATE order.

K-8 online grading system

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Computer Use Policy
Earthquake Kit (due: 9/8/14)
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School Code: ZLS092

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A Couple Tidbits about attending Zion Lutheran School and maybe a bit more...

  • How do I enroll my child into Zion?
  • Does Zion have a lunch program?
  • How do I order lunch for my child?
  • How does Zion communicate important events to parents?
  • What is your school’s uniform policy?
  • Do you have a sports program?
  • Do students need a uniform for PE?
  • Does Zion use an online grading system?
  • Does Zion offer an online payment option?
  • How is technology taught at Zion?
  • Does Zion offer before and after school care?
  • What do I need to do if my child is late to school?
  • What is the procedure for picking up my child from school early?
  • What if I can’t get to school in time to pick up my child?
  • Can my child receive medications at school?
  • What do I need to have on file to drive on field trips?
  • How can I help raise funds for Zion?
  • Do you have a parent organization, and can I volunteer to help?
  • What if I am unable to volunteer time to the school?
  • Where do I find the parent/student Handbook?
  • What should l do if I have a question about my bill?
  • Does Zion offer summer programs?

  • How do I enroll my child into Zion?
    In order to enroll your child, simply contact the school office at 760-723-3500, and our friendly staff will help you get started.  Please visit our Admissions page for more enrollment information and required forms. Read our New Student Information Flyer for information especially prepared for new students. Back to Top

    Does Zion have a lunch program?
    Yes, we offer delicious, healthy lunches with fresh fruit, salad and/or vegetables. We'll be bringing in some local favorites this year such as Pedros' yummy bean and cheese burritos/cheese quesadillas and Vince's spaghetti and subs! Be sure to use our easy online lunch order form (link located on the left-hand side of this page) to place your order today. Thank you and please let us know if you have any questions.
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    How do I order lunch for my child?
    Hot lunch is available to all students. Menus are posted the month ahead of time. Orders must be placed by the 25th of the month prior. For example, the October menu is due by September 25. You can order through the "Lunch Order" link on the left-hand side of this page. Small lunches cost $4.00 and large lunches cost $4.50. All lunches include milk or water. Late orders will be accepted, but will incur an additional $20.00 fee to cover processing costs. We are working with outside vendors, and need all orders placed no less than 72 hours in advance. If your child forgets his or her lunch, emergency lunches are available for $6.00 and include a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, fruit, and milk or water. If you do not have access to a computer you can obtain a paper order form in the school office. Thank you, and please let us know if you have any questions by calling the school office at (760) 723-3500.
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    How does Zion communicate important events to parents?
    Providing exceptional communication between parents and school is a top priority! Please know we are only a phone call away and our office staff is available to take your call during normal school hours at (760) 723-3500. Remember to notify the school office of changes in address, phone numbers, and especially e-mail. Check out our weekly reminders (e-mailed and posted online), principal monthly newsletters, our online calendar, and our website for up-to-date happenings on campus. Visit our teacher sites to keep posted at a classroom level. We use e-mail for normal day-to-day communications, and teachers are available via phone after school. We also use a telephone broadcast system, SchoolReach, that enables us to quickly notify all households and parents by phone within minutes of an emergency or unplanned event that causes early dismissal, school cancellation, or late start. The service may also be used from time-to-time to communicate general announcements or reminders.
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    What is your school’s uniform policy?
    Transitional Kindergarten through 8th grade students are required to wear school uniforms. Uniforms are available for purchase through We allow you to purchase pants and shorts outside of True Grits as long as they adhere to our uniform policy. Polo shirts and chapel attire must be purchased through True Grits. Jackets may also be purchased elsewhere, but must be solid white, navy blue, or red with no logos. True Grits will send  uniform purchases to Zion FREE of charge, and we will notify you upon their arrival.  If your child has out grown their uniforms, you can donate them to the school office, and we will recycle them for you. If you are looking for uniforms, we have some available in the school office. Please read our complete uniform policy (dress code) starting on page 23 of our parent/student handbook. The handbook is available on the left-hand side of this page.

    Three ways to shop at True Grits:
    1. Shop at the following local retail store:
    9823 Pacific Heights Blvd. #K, San Diego, CA 92121, 858-535-0022
    2. Place phone orders during regular store hours by calling 858-535-0022.
    3. Shop from the convenience of your home at (Zion's code is: ZLS092)
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    Do you have a sports program?
    The afterschool sports program is in the process of development. We are sending home informational handouts requesting information from students and families about which sports activities our students are most interested in pursuing this year. This information will help guide our afterschool sports program. At this time perhaps we can note that plans are in development so check back for information.  Please visit our Sports page for more information.
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    Do Students Need a Uniform for PE?
    PE Uniform Order Form
    PE uniforms are required for 5th-8th grade students only.  Returning students may wear their existing PE uniform if it fits and is in good condition. Please remember to send your kiddos in appropriate athletic shoes for PE, they will thank you! Our PE uniforms are reasonably priced and also serve as the official uniform for our great after-school sports program. Please check with our friendly office staff,, if you need assistance with sizes. (These are not ordered through True Grits) Back to Top

    Does Zion use an online grading system?
    Yes, Gradelink is our online grading communication tool for K-8th grade.  You will receive your student's logon credentials at the beginning of the school year. Sign up for email grade alerts - what a fantastic way to help your students be successful!  If you loose your logon credentials, please contact the school office  - we'll get you back up and running quickly! For more information visit the Gradelink website. (School ID: 166)
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    Does Zion offer an online payment option?
    Yes, we offer a convenient and secure online payment option. This enables you to make payments using electronic funds transfer, and there is no additional cost to use this options. Create a profile, using a valid email address, to track your payments as well as print a copy of your receipts. It’s so easy.  Use this option to pay your monthly invoice (tuition, school lunches, field trips, yearbook, and special events/fundraisers). If you have any questions about how to set-up your own profile or any general questions, please contact Suzanne Longhurst.
    Click here to get started -- Pay Online
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    How is technology taught at Zion?
    Did you know that 90% of American children use technology between 7.5 to 10 hours per day, 7 days per week? To thrive and succeed in a society teeming with technology, all students need to be taught effective skills to be globally competitive and to be prepared for a future that we cannot even imagine. Zion Lutheran School is the expert your child needs! We are excited to announce a brand-new addition to our program. Beyond Technology provides these skills and more! Please read our Beyond Technology flyer to learn more about this wonderful program, it is available on the left-hand panel of this page.
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    Does Zion offer before and after school care?
    Absolutely, we offer a wonderful daycare program for your children before and after normal school hours. They are in good hands with our caring daycare team who lead structured indoor and outdoor play time, homework, and arts and craft activities. If you need to reach anyone in the afternoon daycare, please call us at (760) 723-3500. Inside DAYCARE is located in rooms 9 and 10 or outside on our beautiful inner playground area (between the school office and the ZFC).

    -Daycare for Grades K-8 from 7:00-8:00 a.m. and from 3:00-6:00 p.m.
    -Also, 1:00-6:00 p.m. on the 1st & 3rd Friday of every month, Sept-May (early dismissal days)
    -Fees for preschool-8th grade daycare are $5.50 per hour
    -Extended Daycare charges are billed monthly.

    Preschool Daycare hours are available in the afternoon. Please check with your preschool teacher for more details.

    Late Pick-up: Parents are required to pick up their children no later than 10 minutes after school dismissal time. Students remaining on campus longer will be signed into the Extended Day care program and parents billed accordingly. Parents who pick up their children from Extended Daycare after hours will be charged $2 for every minute after the scheduled closing time, with a minimum late pick up charge of $20 per occurrence. Back to Top

    What do I need to do if my child is late to school?
    Attendance is taken when the bell rings, and students are marked absent if they are not in the classroom. If your child is late to school, they must stop in the school office, sign in, and pick up a tardy pass to give to their homeroom teacher. The office will change the absence to a tardy. If you do not check into the office your student will be marked absent for the day. Remember that every five tardies count as one absence and will affect perfect attendance. Back to Top

    What is the procedure for picking up my child from school early?
    Our first priority at Zion is every child’s safety. If you will be picking your child up early, you must go to the office to sign them out. PLEASE DO NOT GO DIRECTLY TO THEIR CLASSROOM. Stop in the school office, sign out your child, and Mrs. Johnson will call down to the classroom and have your child meet you in the office. Back to Top

    What if I can’t get to school in time to pick up my child?
    If you are unable to get to school by 3:10 p.m. to pick up your child, rest assured that we will automatically check them into daycare for you. Daycare for K-8 is available from 7:00-8:00 a.m. and 3:00-6:00 p.m. and is billed at $5.50 per hour. Parents who pick up their children after the scheduled closing time, or drop off their children prior to the scheduled opening time, will be charged $20.00 for the first 5 minutes and $2.00 for every minute thereafter. Back to Top

    Can my child receive medications at school?
    If your child needs medication at school, including over-the-counter medications such as Tylenol or cough medicine, a parent must fill out a medication request form. The form and medicine must be given to your child’s teacher or Mrs. Johnson in the school office. Students may NOT bring medicine to school and self-administer. If your child has a medication such as an inhaler or epi pen, we ask that you bring one for the teacher and one for the school office so it is easily accessible if needed. The medication request form is available in the school office and on the left-hand side of this page.Back to Top

    What do I need to have on file to drive on field trips?
    In order to drive on a school field trip we require you to fill out a Volunteer Driver Form which is available on the left-hand side of this page as well as in the school office. We also need a copy of your driver’s license and current automobile insurance. This information must be updated each year.Back to Top

    How Can I Help Raise Funds for Zion?
    There are many ways our parents and community friends can help raise funds for our school and supporting programs.  Please visit our GIVING page for a complete list of fun and easy ways you can make a BIG difference! Thank you in advance for your support! Back to Top

    Do you have a parent organization, and can I volunteer to help?
    Yes and yes! We love to partner with our parents to provide the best program possible for our students!  Our Zion Family Association (ZFA) is the main avenue to parent involvement at our school. They coordinate volunteer opportunities to fit everyone’s schedule. Please read about our ZFA and volunteer opportunities via the Zion Family Association document located on the left-hand side of this page. You can quickly sign-up and log your volunteer hours in the school office to track your hours.  Each family (K-8)is required to volunteer at least 20 hours a year or may opt out via a one-time payment.  You'll be pleasantly surprised to see how easy it is to fulfill this requirement, it is a "win-win"; bonding with your child along with sharing your time and talents.
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    What if I am unable to volunteer time to the school?
    All K-8 Zion families are required to donate at least 20 hours per school year, or pay $200.00 to opt out. Volunteer hours can be done by helping out in the classroom, driving on field trips, or volunteering at school activities such as Harvest Festival, Christmas Parade, Jog-A-Thon, work parties, etc. Please log all volunteer activities into the service log in the school office. Each family has their own page in the book. Once you have reached 20 hours, you do not need to continue logging your hours. At the end of the year, you will be billed $10.00 for every hour that has not been logged.Back to Top

    Where do I find the parent/student handbook?
    Our parent/student handbook is published on our website. You can find it on the left-hand side of this page along with many other forms such as lunch order forms, weekly reminders, Principal’s News, calendars, and earthquake kit lists.Back to Top

    What should l do if I have a question about my bill?
    Please e-mail Suzanne Longhurst with any billing questions, or to change your method of payment. Billing is done on the 1st of every month, payments are due by the 10th, and late fees are assessed on the 20th. You will not receive a bill if you are on Simply Giving/Vanco/ACH unless there is a balance due.Back to Top

    Does Zion Offer any Summer Programs?
    Yes, we host an annual vacation bible school and International Summer Program, as well as several other fantastic summer camps for your children. Please visit our Summer Program page for more information about our wonderful summer programs.

    Vacation Bible School
    Typically held in late June or early July, Zion's Youth Board and team of youth counselors host a fun-filled week for children in the community.  Each year offers a new theme and adventure that empowers kids to experience God’s Word in fun and unforgettable ways!

    International Summer Program
    We have hosted several international summer programs and look forward to summer 2015! Our summer program enables students to reconnect with friends at the half way point in the summer AND connect with new friends from China – all in one fun-filled week!  If you would like more information, please contact Mr. Dan Fischer at
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